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^thanks a lot fam


it's going to be a long read, but trust me it'll worth it. :P

How long i haven't updated since? well i guess it's not that long but i think you might interested by what i did in the last weekend.
So as you might remember, i've been preparing things to join the Ebisu Matsuri, you know, that drift event that held every year (or is it?) by the famed owner-part-avid drifter Nobushige Kumakubo himself. As an amateur like me and Jorge it was a great chance to meet the drifters around Japan, also it's a good chance to give the exposure to our newly founded Westkyo team and shop.

Aaaanyway that's Jorge car. Hotboi approved. I think i've been mentioned it a few times and you can check the build progress here.

We decided to drive to Osaka by our car, since Osaka to Ebisu took about 7 hours to reach so we decided to go late before the D-day and hoping to arrive in the next morning. We took a break at the local mcdonalds before taking off. Jorge took the asshole award by parking at the handicapped parking area. But not for long, he moves the car. Seems he's very regretful about it :P

Ebisu is considered by a lot of people as a drifting Mecca - Visiting Ebisu is just like a spiritual tour, where you can feel how tough the bond between your car and your soul and erm, what the fuck am i talking about. Oh yeah, Ebisu Matsuri!.
Things been kinda different this year after Kumakubo-san decided to ban all the half-assed cars, if you don't know what i mean - it means those thing that people usually called as "drift missiles", dem car with dents and twisted chassis. As people deemed those car as a purity of drifting but it was plain too dangerous to run at the event like this. Kinda understandable though. You don't want to see any people hurt because they got crushed by the twisted chassis or flying fenders.

Luckily we got the garage near the main straight so we could get a good view. Seen a lot of skilled drivers - i think some of them runs on D1SL, FD Japan and Drift Muscle, and the rest were amateurs who just want to have some fun, like us. I think i saw some of the guys who often post their build at this site too!
At the debrief Kumakubo-san warned us to always obey the circuit rules and don't do reckless things - but the most important is, Have fun.

oh, oh, as you might predict, the course were pretty crowded, but it wasn't depicted well on my images i post above and below. :P

Ok then, track time - Been a month since i heard those SR20 screaming hard. At the first attempt Jorge leads and i chase. As you might predict i was kinda nervous since i wasn't that good at drifting - cough, ER34.


hey seems it all ends well...

...not. Tapped my wing there so some of the bolt went nuts.

Me leading. Kinda likey this shot because the tire doesn't smokes that much. It reminds me with old drifting vid i watch on the VHS, where the cars are underpowered but slidy as hell. Unlike today where everyone smokes even the slightest angle and the only way to win a drift event is putting American V8 engines in your car...
Oh wait i should't do rant stuff, much sorry. Don't want to make a negative feeling around here.

Anyhoo, the event was pretty fun. Everyone seems to enjoy their good time, and everyone feels so friendly to each other. Everyone seems tend to share their knowledge about cars and drifting so everyone could learn a new things. It was pretty cool to see everyone from different background could make a bond by having a similar interest - drifting.

For myself, all seems pretty well until...

FA20 machine broke. It screams "Understandable, have a great day".

Seems the pistons were busted out because i drove it just like a full 24 hours without giving it any proper rest. It's my fault, to be honest, so i can't do much about it. The only thing i'm afraid is how do i bring back to Osaka, since it's practically impossible to bring it back home at such condition. Since i had no choice i had to put this car somewhere safe while i'm thinking how to fix it, properly.

Gladly Kumakubo-san has allowed me to put my 86 into his car yard. Maybe you've ever heard about it, that's the same place where the Alexi/beercan R32 located.
Such honor to park my car in the same place as that one. :D

at the moment i've been back to Osaka, cuz you know, work. But i'll be back to Ebisu in a days to check out the car.

Also the thing i've realized that this car won't be eligible for a daily driving anymore :)) new daily?