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I got some bad news and some good news

Bad news first the DC5 is still getting ready, we had a few wiring issues so the reveal will be a little delayed, probably until tomorrow the wrap is still being fitted so it's not fully ready to be shown yet, so keep the hype train going.

The Good News

I may have traded my Mustang, so I went to get some gas in the Mustang recently and met this old guy driving a S197 GT500 to the pump and he sparked up a conversation with me and I might be trading my Mustang for his here's why;

So he bought the car due to one of his grandkids convincing him in buying one, now he loves the Mustang models, but the power is becoming an issue for him because due to his age a high horse power car is a bit of a "health risk", so I made a joke with him about trading my low HP SN95 for his Shelby and with no hesitation he agreed, I was not expecting that at all.

He loved the look of my Mustang but the tire walls were a bit show offy.

So the condition of the GT500 is not what you'd expect, it's pretty dinged up and dirty and it hurt my heart looking at it.

But it's still a Shelby and that's what matters.

Now he's serious about the trade and I told him I'd give him a confirmation on Monday.

I mean it's a GT500 a big one up from the SN95 GT and Terminator, so should I trade with the old timer ?


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