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Here's the pic of Z32 took/taken during weekend.

Pics I took cruising around.

And then, drove to near mountain, turned the audio up, played 'Deja vu' and did a dank skid. (Initial D guys be like maybe)
That road is narrow as hell to drift a car especially like this tho..
Pics from random man passing by, anyways.

The time heads to night...

Pics from my friend, soju357, took me doing 125+mph on highway (wait what I didnt see anywhere there)
When saw those pics first time and saying him he took me doing that, I didnt believe at all. (lol) I was just like 'oi m9 y u do dis its fake brah'
But noticed Work XT9 on the Z, apologized him and said thank you for those pics. See those fires how can i blame him lol
Prolly I didnt notice him driving by since I have bad eyesight at night :p

Lastly, saying about Z, its fast af for daily driver. Seller said it is pretty much stock inside&outside except minor stuffs, but felt like it boasts 320~360hp with stock twin makes the car spinning anytime on full boost (maybe thanks to worn rear tires). Also VG30 exhaust notes are dope.

P.S.:It shares its headlight with lamborghini Diablo lmao
Refueling and other atuffs like having meal, ticket fee, etc :100V$
8658V$-100V$ = 8558V$
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