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# juicybrate : huuuuuuuuu,Killer. Have you thought about some decals

Hmm, I think I am not the decal type of guy. Windows decal is enough for me now. Thanks!

# yngsensei : Looks crazy good man


I am spending like crazy these days!

Well, I was looking for something interesting, and I contacted some guy who wanted to trade with the original S13 bumper + V$ 200 with his OEM S13 Aero bumper.

I picked it up and traded the bumper with him. Also, he offered Chuki OEM side-skirts and Navan rear kit for V$ 400, so I made a deal.

I offered him my used Stock 240SX Chuki wheels and tires for V$ 100.

Of course the parts are not painted yet, but I will do it as soon as my budget becomes more stable.

- V$ 600 (Bumper & Skirt)
+ V$ 100 (RPS13 Wheels)

Total V$ 355