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# Sleepin mOnkey : Holy that's sick
thanks :D

# JdmSly : holy moly those look great! glad you like them! thanks for the love!

# dariws : Dope AF.What color do you have in mind for them?
see it below :D


You might asked where i am in the last few days, how's the color things i asked and stuff, well, thing happens....

So i've been pretty much active on 2channel and i've got some friends on internet who had same interest in ruining Toyota 86's.
I met this guy who had a paint booth and offered me to let my car got painted for a half price and a secret prize.

Mom says always trust someone on the internet so i decided to accept the offer and go. The problem is he lives in Tokyo while i live in Osaka. That takes a while.

So here in Japan, there was a Golden Week thing where you could get a day off for a few days. Luckily Lawson happily let me to go for a bit and Jorge just come back from his college (or working or something else, i dunno really. Check his RP instead. so i asked him to stay in the garage while i'm go for a bit.

So i decided to go nuts and drive from Osaka to Tokyo. it takes about 4 hours or less, if i remember.
People says: "It's not the Destination, But the drive there" and i rightfully agree with it. 4 hours of driving wasn't that tiring as i predict.

So this guy owns a small painting shop - He offer me a discount but i have to buy the "prize" which is Chargespeed Type-1 Front Bumper.
It was an used one, the foglight was nowhere to found but i don't think it's a biggie. Well, since it was pretty good, imho, i bought it.

RIP Wallet.

Then i let him paint my car.

Here it is!

You might think that Formula Red is kinda plain but i have a next plan for it. Remember that i want to put some "liveries" on it? :P

Also decided to paint my wheels. At first i went "what the fuck i regret it this is so wrong" until it changed to "hey it looks sorta good".

After i finished doing my car stuff, in the next day i've decided to take a look around in Tokyo, starting in Shibuya.
It was cool - but crowded as hell. Took this pic, it was pretty lucky shot since the place become so crowded after it...

Also finally did a run in my dream route - C1 Loop. Shit was pretty fun even under speed limit, i don't really wanna take a risk since it was in afternoon...i think?
I didn't go to Daikoku though. Planned to go by night but the police were kinda rough that night, didn't take any pics.

Anyway, took this rolling shot - Helped by that paint guy - Kinda lucky too, since i was not getting caught by doing this in a public road lmao

Then i drive home for 4 hours again and took a schleep. Shit was fun.