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Screw those DMV guys.

I was looking for some trade market on online JDM community site in Korea, and I found some interesting rims.

I was really lucky to get two pairs of used SSR Reverse Mesh rims for V$ 900. It is 16 inches and it came with used Michelin tires.

The previous owner said he was planning to put those rims on his Daewoo Lanos, but he decided to sell his Lanos and also the parts that are left with.

The installation was successful but deep dish sure needed some wide fenders.

I contacted local tuner shop if they have any fender flares available and the manager said that he has several flares.

I went to his shop and got it for V$ 200. Of course it was pure black plastic, but those are planned to be painted same as a body color.

The fitment on the Sil80 is not enough, but since I am getting short on cash, I think I have to focus on my life for several weeks.

So I can get some shocks, suspensions and brakes to work with.

Getting used to the Automatic transmission is making me lazy somehow. But it sure is really comfortable during rush hour.

I planned on 3.8 V6 Hyundai engine swap, but I decided to stick with SR20. It sure is a fun engine to tinker with!

- V$ 900 (SSR Rims)
- V$ 200 (Flares)
Total V$ 1455