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# dariws : Not a big fan of the new front end,but hey,that's just me.
S14 still my fav.

Thank you :)

# Sleepin mOnkey : Sileighty hell yeah

Hell yeah indeed!

# hamke6666 : Even tho I don't like sileightys, seeing yours kinda makes me like them more

Thanks bud!

Today i am focusing more on my daily driver S14. Bought a can of Coke for refreshment.

I go skiing every winter and I needed a roof rack to hold my gears, so I grabbed a pair of used rack from my neighbor's SUV for 50 V$.

Tbh it doesn't go really well with this type of car, but I needed it.

I replaced the tires on the S14 with slightly used Toyo R888 for V$800.

Toyo tires aren't available on the Korean market for now, so I had to buy the used one that were previously imported by the local tuner shop.

I also installed the tow hook for safety reasons, since the winter in Korea is quite harsh and the car is RWD. It costed 50 V$.

It will need a tow when the car is stuck. But probably the best solution is not to take the car outside during snowy days.

- V$ 50 (Roof Rack)
- V$ 50 (Tow Hook)
- V$ 800 (Toyo R888)

Total V$ 1055