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Just because I never commented, doesn't mean I didn't followed "Osaka Night Kids" every step and everything posted here, I just felt the urge to write my thoughts on your RP after I have read enough bullshit, and it turned out in to rant and shit load of messages, and I don't even feel bad about it, because sooner or later someone would have done the same thing I did. No one said to stop RP'ing, but if you want to stop, go and do it, idk if someone will give a fuck that you are leaving rp (probably not).

Zero, of course don't stop doing roleplaying, the only advice I can give to you is, do it right next time, and don't get involved with shitheads who will get your idea of being team or etc fucked up. I didn't meant to hurt your feelings guys, but some of you definitely got hurt.

Bye Bye Osaka Night Kids, better things to come for sure :morncoffee:
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