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# David_2709 : if you want to sell the steelies hit me up I want them

Sure thing. Send me the PM. :)

# Facepalm : This thread is going greatly, keep it up.


For 2 days, I repainted the front quarterpanels, hood and the bumper matching the body color. It costed me about 700V$.

Also, as you guys noticed, I got the 240sx chuki wheels and used tires for 150V$, since the steelies are to be sold.

Now it looks much better with one color and proper rims(?).

Oh, about the S14... I am using it as my daily driver. The 180SX somehow is becoming one of those "project" cars on the internet.

- V$ 700 (Paintjob)
- V$ 150 (240 Rim/Tyre)

Total V$ 1955

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