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You just wasted your time trying to explain me some bullshit which I already know, and probably more than you for sure. Of course there is a lot of junkyards, car dealers and shit etc etc, but what you just said is false and I don't give a damn what you think. Oh, so you saying that junkyards is like a focking magical place where you can find anything you need very cheap ? GL, with that mindset. Oh, and also what a coincidence that you guys are always lucky ones to find best things that cheap smh. Pure luck lmao.

BOI, get your head out of your arsehole, MKIV Supra with decent mods for 4k ? lmfao, the only thing you can find for that price is busted up SZ with AT shit which everyone uses for spares, and you talking about decent cars with dirt cheap prices. Wow, such examples - AdamLz or haggard garage, srs :D ? Must be nice getting information about shit only from those "sources" which are youtube,initial d movies, ebay ads or some other useless shit that some fuckboi from youtube said on his video.

Actually I don't even know why the fuck I am arguing with you right here, the only thing that bothers me is, that there is a lot of cool people, who writes quality RP's which are definitely interesting to read, who actually spend time researching stuff and etc, and you guys just are a bunch of faggotes #nohate, who buys rare ass R34's from "friends junkyards" for 5k, builds complete RB26 for 4k when shittiest turbo capable of holding 800-1200hp costs 2k alone, buys whole car with rb26 for 7k, when that engine alone cost more than that, and builds car from stratch to full blown race car in 14days, but oooh, and getting prices for parts straight out your ass, but my bad.. you are in wonderland where your friends have everything for you cheap n shit, and in the end you just sell your cars randomly, for fucking enormous profits. And you talking about realistic shit, and idgaf if you post a lot of stuff thinking they are good, it's quality not quantity. You are doing stupid shit and it looks like that V$ shouldn't be here, and I'm not the only one that thinks that way.

I ain't going to waste more time writing here to you, but shame on you for your stupid shit right here, I might get flamed for this but idgaf, you might get butthurt because of my inappropriate language, so sorry to other people and you you fools. I said what I wanted to say and what was needed to say.

So yeah, sencerely fuck you and your bullshit rp, bye.
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