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So let me inform you guys about how shit works here in Japan. Basically, scrapyards got a lot of stuff here. For example, you can find stuff you need there, because most of the cars in Japan end their life there, crashed, abandoned, repo and so on.

Also, you got a lot of Japanese private car dealers, car showrooms, and small car yards where the cars are being sold. For example, you can find a MKIV Supra for under 4K dollars, with decent mods. So why is it so cheap? The cars are fine, maintenance is a must but the price is real.

Osaka has a lot of the original "drift cars". And remember, when you are outside Japan, when you import a car, you have to pay for shipping, you have to pay some taxes, pay for paperwork, and basically that's how a Nissan S13, a Supra, Skyline R32, R33 end up in the 5 figure price range. Especially if your country has strict laws about car pollution, gases, economy and so on.

And most of the youtubers, like MCM, NoriYaro, AdamLZ, Haggard, they don't talk so much about the details about car prices, shipping, and all the other stuff. There are some channels, that are from Japan, where they do talk about real shit. What everyone want's to know, how the cars are being sold, how the parts are being sold.

So don't get me wrong about my posts, they're realistic as far as I can get them to be like that.
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