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# Sleepin mOnkey : Loooks realy good man

# turbotuned : Woah Sick Cars! I live in osaka as well and didnt realize yall existed so this is pretty cool! i'll be on the lookout for yall when i take my 180 out again! keep up the good work!

# soju357 : Looks perfect!

# holeecrab : please take care of that ER34

like seriously


Yo guys, thanks. Ofc I will take care of this, even tho I have a reputation of breaking shit... So, yeah, I wont break this :))


Yeah, the title says a lot. I went junkyard hunting and found new bumpers for my ER34. I found stuff that I didn't even know that would look good on my car.
I found a Skyline 25GT used front bumper in good condition, and a GT-R rear bumper from a crashed GTS-T that had a GT-R conversion kit on it.

Well, the parts look really good now on the ER34.

And in any case if shit happens with the ER, I made a front bash bar, just in case. You know...

But wait, there's more. You know that gut feeling when you feel that you gonna find something good somewhere? Yeah, that hit me today. While me and Zero were driving back to the garage with the parts, I spotted a Nissan S13, near a garage. We stopped and looked around the car. Immediately you could see that the car was a drift car, all the wear and tear on it. The owner was there, so we asked him whats the story on the car, and he said that he drifted it for 2 years on local drift tracks, got bored with it and bought himself a new car, so that's why the car was parked there. After speaking to him, he sold me the S13 for 2800V$. I'm happy with it!

Zero got in the S13 and we drove back to the garage to check it after we put on the bumpers, and bash bar.

Yeah that's how the S13 looks, I know, missing some stuff...

So the specs are pretty much what you would think of a drift missile...

-SR20DET (Red Top), pushing around 290HP
-Garrett T28 turbo on 0.8 bars of boost
-Koyorad radiator (a bit ruff but okay)
-EBay intercooler :))
-HKS turbo air filter
-NGK Spark plugs
-IDK the brand but it's got a front strut brace
-IDK the brand of the exhaust but it's loud af

-Front rims 17x10 Work CR-Kai, wrapped in Advan tires
-Front camber plate
-Front stock brakes
-Rear stock S13 rims with Dunlop tires
-Stock brakes

-Missing front headlight
-Missing front bumper

-Vertex steering wheel
-Stock drivers seat
-Stock gauges

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