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Long time no see

Finally, I'm back with my team. I had some stuff to do at home, and just sorted things out. I sold my R32, and a SC300 I had imported right away.
After everything was done, I had to get myself a new car. I was looking for a 4 door sedan. There were some Toyota's but the main problem was that they were all automatic.

Basically, I didn't want to jump the gun and buy myself something that I wouldn't enjoy. After searching for a while, I got myself a Nissan ER34.

Behold, the glorious 4 door to be, drift machine.

Specs of the ER34:

RB26DETT w/ 38K miles on it.
No name intercooler
HKS blow off valve

113K miles on it
Missing front and rear bumper
Front right door, rear view mirror and quarter panel are grey (replacement)
19x10 Uras Exsol rims (4 sale)

And yeah, feels good getting back to this garage with the friends. We checked the ER34 there, luckily, it's all in order, chassis are not bent,
brakes are good, brake lines, tires and everything.

After everything, I need to do the finances. I will do them tomorrow. Stay tuned guys!
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