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^thanks dude :D


Well it's kinda awkward....

At first i just want to change the wheels into something new (i got bored fast with wheels jeez) then i realized something...

why the fuck my car looks like that hip instagram dude.

like, you can't blame much, his build was pretty top notch, to be honest, and TE37 itself is one hell of a wheels. It fits with every car on its way...

...and 86 + TE37 = Sex.

Anyway thanks to JdmSly who sold it to me, recommended seller, pretty chilled guy. Check his build here.

other than the running gears, i've installed Momo Sport Wheels and Bride Low Max III. I've always been a fan of Momo wheels - more than Nardi. Back in my childhood i think every race car i've seen in the magazine or TV, always had a Momo wheels on it. that wheel just screams "racing" for some reason.

the next thing i'll probably do is mess with that bland grey color. It getting started to bore me.