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Sorry for asking so many questions but how does this work

public void addStockParts( Descriptor desc )
// stock 1 stuffs //

if (desc.power > 0.0)
stock_parts_list_E = new int[2];
stock_parts_list_E[ 0] = parts.engines.Einvagen_Duhen_Ishima_Focer:0x000000DFr; // "IshiBox 2.4L I4" //
stock_parts_list_E[ 1] = parts:0x000053FFr; // "stock battery" //

In this you see there the stock parts list only has the block but in game the whole engine builds but if you change it to anything else for example, the nonus engine it only loads with the block in game and you have to add each part to the stock part list individually. How does it work?

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