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# MyNameisJeff : are you making it a Drag car? :D

You bet your ass I am.

While the RSX is getting rebuilt to a full on street monster in the slowest way possible, I thought I'd rebuild and revisit an old friend, you guys remember my old GT86/FRS the young girl looking for acceptance in the culture ?

Till she met me, she has changed a lot, and now in her third phase, I think the most wildest ride I've ever done.

I didn't post about it due the RSX being the forefront of my attention.

The Crazy 86

(clever name where did I get from)

I've finally did some major changes though costly have made the car better.

"Bags and a straight pipe."

Oh and the other accessories

Like the 2016 GT86 Head Lights and the lovely Valenti Tail Lights and the TRD Louvres, Engine wise I got some custom longtube headers and a custom straight pipe exhaust and the most obnoxious one at that.

On to the feet,

Work Emitz I bought from Art of Wheel that I had painted white wrapped in some stretched Advan Neova AD07's this time they are in 18" so they give a more demanding presence, behind the front wheels I got some R34 Front Brembo Calipers on some 300mm Brembo Discs, I did the unorthodox thing and put the stock front brakes in the back.

An AirLift kit.

And finally the color; the inspiration for this color came from another FRS owner and the fact I have FUTURE,HNDRXX on repeat, plus I loved the plum crazy Challenger of the 70's so that was a thing.

Guess it's Crazy Purp.

I think I spent more than I should have.

Cough...Not to mention I bought a Bape Hoodie Recently Cough....

# Driftphantom : That is awesome can't wait to see that result!

Well bud here's the result of stupid spending.

I give you the car version of a Hypebeast.

At this rate I would have to keep the SN95 stock :facepalm:

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