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PART 2: The Tear Down

This past Friday I was able to get the car into a shop to be worked on, last minute at that, I had the entire engine taken out to be worked one, so right now we're down to the bare block.

I ordered these parts over the weekend:

Skunk2 106MM 4340 Billet Crankshaft

Wiseco K20 Pistons

Brian Crower Performance Connecting Rods

Pro TSX CNC Head with Skunk2 Valve Spring & Retainer Kit

They are gonna be delivered on Friday so that's something to be happy about

Now these cost me a dime and there are a lot more parts to be bought plus the labor going in to the build, Monkey the car will be gracing your garage soon.

If I am able to complete my shopping list in time, the build is gonna be finished in about 5 months, a little later than the proposition of Phonexius' challenge.

To be able to pay for this build I sold the E36 for V$10,000 pretty good to start to month with.
To replace the Bimmer I bought this.

2000 Ford Mustang GT

MILEAGE: 152,605 miles
ENGINE: 4.6 Modular
TRANSMISSION: Manual 5-Speed

Since everybody's going to Arizona, I thought I'd get in some of that action and got this GT for a steal for V$4,500 I was gonna buy a 2005 GT but I wasn't too fond of ones for sale, and this was the best one I found which made the 10hr road trip worth it.

Later I'll talk about what I'm gonna do with it, but it starts with "D" and something to do with hitting crowds ?

For now that's basically it a new car and new parts, speaking of Lagano hmu with Shop info.


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