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# Phonexius : I think around V$400 but its not a reproduction so I think its worth it!

If he hasn't sold it yet, tell me. If he did sell it i'll search for an R32 rear wing

Added 1 hour 43 minutes later:


The 180SX won't arrive before tomorrow morning. But that's okay because my seat arrived this morning and my Nardi steering wheel.

Because Zero and MyNameisJeff are waiting for their cars they helped me out with the Supra. Finally I found a used driveshaft and diff for it and used exhaust pipe, also we did the necessary fabrication so I got some camber on the front of the car.

Here's the Bride Zeta III seat, and the Nardi Deep Corn powder coated steering wheel


And the used rusty exhaust

Added 2 minutes later:

-200V$ Driveshaft and diff
-80V$ Exhaust pipe
-150V$ Nardi steering wheel
-125V$ Material for the front camber
Money left: 53205V$

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