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# MrTomush : Nice car you pick, you're very lucky to bought rust free 180SX, mine just gone to scrap because floor are rusted anywhere and I driving bone stock AE86...

Yeah, but mechanically it's shit. Panels look good and straight, but fixing the engine, adding a turbo, and fixing the brakes will be a pain in the ass. I've seen your 86, the red one right?

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# Phonexius : Nice start I have to say, the Supra is a good car but sadly weight is an issue just like on the skylines, and the 180SX well as many of us would say if its not in 50 shades of color pallete then its not a genuine S-Chassis xD, good luck mate, also for parts since you are in Japan, drop by to ☆A U T O☆S A L O O N☆ M A G I C K E☆ - Japanese Import and Tuning Specialists they can help you whit what ever u need for the babies :D

OOC:Dat supra mod is so old but so gold, tbh me and lagano were thinking to use it in STS

I sure will check them out. The Supra will definitely be a junkyard drifter until it falls apart. But for the 180, I'm thinking of 90's drift style with modern touch. I need to get my hands on a 326 spoiler and some SSR 15 or 16 inch rims. And then do a whole respray of the car. Thanks for the help man, I really appreciate it!
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