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Hello guys, I'd like to introduce you to a game I've been working on for a couple years now. It's called Jidousha Shakai and I feel it can be a strong contender for the dominated market which is racing games. Below is the description directly from the Steam Greenlight page so you guys can read up more on the game itself. If you goto the Greenlight page itself, you can see some gameplay videos and more screenshots of the game.

Steam Greenlight



Facebook Group

About Jidousha Shakai (Greenlight)

Some screenshots!

  • *In the future when mod support is added I'd love to get VSTANCED more involved in the modding scene for Jidousha Shakai, as the mod tools will be readily available and quite easy to use. :)
  • *You can try an old version of the game from the IndieDB site.
  • *There are currently 3 cars in-game, however the S13 is the most polished car which is why it is the only one showing up in pictures.