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# THWOLF00 : Ik I Intend to import it as Labeled under the Show Car Law IF possible, Also Been Thinking about a 180sx Any Pics of it?
I don't think we'll be able to do that, as this specific car has no real historic value. I'd have to look a little into it but I believe it can still be imported, just not registered.

As for the 180sx, it's a fairly stock 92' with an N/A RB20 swap in it. Roughly 180k miles on the body and 100k on the motor. Whole front suspension and control arms have been upgraded. Skunk Shocks and Skunk Springs. 1 Previous owner. Can get more pics when it arrives at the shop.
Ballpark price of V$3,500 before we have the chance to go over everything.

# Nexion : That does sound nice any pictures? Miles? and how many previous owners? and by any chance do you think yu could find a rhd rsx?

I can give it a shot man.
As for the Chaser
130k on the motor, fresh rebuild at 100k.
2 Previous owners, who were both older adults that maintained the vehicle well.
SSR Mineveras? 17/10.5 wrapped in Dunlop Dirrezas
AP Racing Brakes
Greddy Shocks, Tein Springs.
Engine needs and airbox but runs smooth

Looking for around V$5,000