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A little inventory update for you guys!

Big Shipment of 326 Power Big Break Kits just came!

STARTING AT: $4000 + shipping

Caliper Size Options:
4pot, 6pot,

Rotor Size Options:
286mm, 304mm, 330mm, 356mm, 380mm, 405mm.

Color Options:
Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Red and many more to choose from.

We also got in 326 Power Coilovers for multiple makes and models.
STARTING AT: $1400 + shipping

Body Color Options:
Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Bronze, Black

Spring Color Options:

Green, Pink

Spring Rate Options:
8k/6k, 12k/7k, 20k/10k, 30k/16k

Custom spring rates available.

We also take special orders if you didn't know. We are a pretty well connected shop and can most likely get what you're looking for. Just ask.

A few more cars are supposed to show up today as well, so expect another update soon.