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#113317   2017-01-13 04:34          
# ThatBoostedGuy : Skyline looks super clean. You really lucked out at the auction with that.
guess i am haha, thanks!

# Ward : Damn!That car is looking good for an impound auction car nice buy we should meet some day
yeah, let's meet up some day :D

# Phonexius : Damn sweet mate, if you need any help whit the engine tune up I can give u few numbers to call they will give u a sale since those guys know me well from when I was stationed in Japan...
PM'd you, i need that right now lol

# Sleepin mOnkey : Great skyline Bro

# Renaruto : That thing is clean <3 Can't wait to see what you have planned for it!
wait and see ;)

# FastCars : Man i live in Japan to and almost bought a 4dr sedan Skyline R34 myself, but instead got a car that suited me better... I live in Osaka Japan with my friend Zero. One day we proubly can meet up?
sure! Someday, my friend.