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I am 99% ThatBosstedGuy's 32 is this exactly color and a friend that work in nissan searched for me the VIN and discovered that this car left Japan black so is black that i am going with for now.

So last night i decided that i will keep the 32 with an stock look and ran direct to the junkyard before he was closing to get the missing body parts (front bumper,lights and the spoiler)for the 32.Also forgot to mention that the car was already primed with the complete body :D .

So today after that i got some sleep i hang out with the mercedes and grab some clients parts.The guys who distribute pieces for the shop gave me an free alignment at the mercedes while we were making a little tour at their new shop,ad was at some point at the tour that i asked if car parts also were refurbished it was this time when he show me two greddy Type-S coilver set and some AP Brake kits i got two of each for less than half of the original price :D and also some other parts .

So about 10min afther that i arrived at the shop the second great moment at today happend my Rb has arrived 4hours early than expected and this wasnt the best thing of everthing the best part is that someone shipped my RB for other guy and the ebay guy sent me actualy an stage one engine with less miles but the problem is that engine was without exhaust mainfold an intercooler piping so we made a deal that he will sent the Stage without piping and the mainfold and sent me $900 bucks back. (Man i am so lucky these days)

I made the piping and mainfold with some leftover stuff from the shop.

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