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Thx mate i was looking in that one too. Now only need to chose the decals

New Ride

So yesterday after i finished working on the Merc i went to an charity auction where i bought this savage r32 that was crashed and had all the front end damaged but the Sr20 that the last owner was in perfect shape except for the intercooler that was gone with the car front,some parts were sold while he was at the junkyard. The car doesnt started since the crash.after i bought it i checked the VIN and had an great surprise Its was an original R32 GT-R and the car still as an savage with means after he turns into rideable i can register it at the DMV again

The best part my winner bid was V$900 but afther the auction bills and towing the final price was V$1200

Added 2 hours 6 minutes later:

Since last hour i spent my time diagnosing the sr after i took it out of the car the engine was extremely easy to remove beacause all the wiring that joint the engine to the car was using fast waterproof connectors thx to the previous owner for this job. after the engine was removed i changed all the fluids made an fast check, and to surprise myself after the second attempt he started like new already in the car. I got so excited that got an old seat that was laiyng aroound in the shop and took it to the parking lot, i had to admit the car slides very easy even without turbo and leaking rear shocks dangerous but a lot fun.

after i have lunch i will take the mercedes to dig some parts for the skyline

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