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# Phonexius : Nice W201 mate, I love that car (It was my 1st IRL car) good luck whit your goals ;)
Thx man Now they changed a little

Change of Style

I always loved Rat rods and has been a time ago that i started to see some bulds of this kind but with euro cars and these builds made me change my style a little at the mercedes now i am chasing an Rat/Military look

So today i made a little trip to an junkyard that i know for a while and got some parts to the Merc new style i found two crappy fog lights ia crashed Mk1 golf and the oil cooler came from a Bosozoku Ae86 so when i got home the got some old oil lines an sandwich, oil pump... And stated the mess.

i guess that this is almost what i am looking the final touch will be the Paint and Stickers.

also made an deal on that special car that i spoke yesterday but i will only reveal it tomorrow.

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