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I also thought about getting a Evo, but i didn't know which one i should get. I've had a few Evo's and STI's in the dealership before. The STI's have held their value better than the Evo's had. A comparable STI usually costs V$2,500-V$5,000 more than a EVO. That said, I'd be fine with either because i do need to find daily driver. Dont wanna risk anything with my R34. If you want a Skyline, it'd be better to go for either a stock R32 or a GTS model(doesn't matter which gen). The R32 I've had twice on the car lot(both times they had more than 130k miles, but was kept clean). Definitely had GTS' here(there's also a GTS-4 which is a mini GTR basically). I had one more recently, a R32 GTS-4 with 120k. Only thing is that the owner removed the wing, so one had to be ordered. And parts for a Skyline of any sort is kind of a bitch to find nowadays.
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