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Hello to all. My name is Andrew. I am 25 yrs old. I was born in America and when i was 18, i moved to japan and started working. I worked two jobs. I was a mechanic and a car dealer. While it was tiring, i made really good money. For years i saved up, taking taxis and walking to work. I did all this so i could buy my dream car, the Nissan Skyline GTR R34. That car was my childhood. I grew up playing Gran Turismo, Need For Speed and i would always pick that car. So one day, i saw a R34 GTR sitting outside with the "For Sale" sign. So i left a note with my number for the owner to contact me. Eventually i got a call. Turns out the owner was getting rid of it before his ex-wife claimed it. He even offered to give it to me for free(we later on became goid friends). So i picked it up when I got off the next day. It was a V-Spec-II in Bayside Blue, with the documentation in the glovebox. It had 20k miles on it and he kept good care if it. Other than dust, it was clean. I had bought it when i was 20. Then one day, i thought about modifying it but i didn't know how i wanted to do it. So i looked up some modified skylines(All generations) and i came across a Red R33 GTR. I clicked on the picture which lead me to a article. Turns out the guy's name was Harrison and I liked the way his R33 looked. It was simple and clean, so i decided to go that route. I started small with a Nismo ECU tune. And before you know it, the turbos, camshafts, pistons, and crankshafts came along. I didn't change the exterior much. I put on a Nismo front bumper, 18 inch Nismo LGT4 rims in black, and a carbon fiber hood. Then i painted it a dark green since green is my favorite color. The interior is stock. For the chassis i added some Nismo R-tune shocks and Springs, Nismo Swaybars, and Nismo's GTR Big Brake kit(which can be found on the R35, another car i plan on getting).

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