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# rodasmendes : really nice evo, just put a 2jz in the 180 haahah xD

I'll think about it, since i live in japan i dont got to ship a legit JDM 2J overseas... Thnx for the idea

Added 1 hour 3 minutes later:

Well i looked at 2JZ engine swaps for about an hr and i think i found everything i need... first website i found a Toyota Aristo 2JZ Twin Turbo engine but thing is it came with a automatic transmission. I couldn't stand a auto, so i looked for a transmission... i found a engine+manual transmission but i didn't want to spend 9000 bucks to get it, it was a supra 2jz twin turbo engine with a 6 speed manual, so to save money i decided to get the Aristo one for 2500 and found a 5 speed 2jz transmission with some other things i needed for 4000. (P.S rodasmendes thnx for the idea :) made this project much quicker, kinda a unique idea to put a 2jz toyota engine in a nissan car.)

Those 4 photos were off some websites

-6495V$ - 2JZ Stuff
-200V$ - Gas, Food and misc

Added 1 hour 36 minutes later:

But after i arrived to the shop I swapped from automatic to manual with the help of my 2 friends. and we took the support beam and hood of the S13 so we could fit the 2JZ easier. Now i need to do all the electronics and everything and get parts to make it run! (as in "I need to to the electronics"... someone else needs to because i'm bad with wiring and ecu tuning n stuff.)

But, Now I need money for 2JZ stuff to make it run... I drove all night and got the engine and trans using my handy evo. So If anyone needs or wants 2JZ Intake manifolds, 2 turbos that fit one or injectors, fuel rails, a automatic transmission or an SR20DE with a 5 speed manual transmission with over 146k kilometers, Please Contact me thnx :D.

-40V$ - Pizza and Drinks
+450V$ - Monday Paycheck

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