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Hello all ! There's been a lot of work done on the Civic !

I've sold all the parts i didn't needed such as:

D15 Engine - 150 V$
Front bumper with lip, back bumper and sideskirts - 50$
Clean Trunk and mirrors (and gave the dtm backbox get rid of it) - V$25
Headlights and taillights - V$50
Vented Hood V$25

And the goodies i've bought

OEM front, back bumper and sideskirts (excellent condition) - V$100
Front bumper lip (NEW) - V$50
Hood and Trunk - V$50
K20 Engine - V$500
OEM Rims + Tires - V$200
Front Integra Recaro red seats - V$300
Paintjob - V$225
Brake kit (all 4 wheels) - V$200
Koni Coilovers - V$250
New Steering wheel - V$50
Head/Taillights - V$100

Added 8 minutes later:

So the civic was stripped out, had some bodywork done and got ready for painting.

The K20 was previously installed, tweaked and tested and it runned nice.

Fitting the parts and adjust them too look perfect and remove them to paint.

Painting finished, and fitting all the parts, windows, bumpers and so on.

And the final touch with all the details !!

What you guys think ? :D

BEFORE - 15,750 V$
SOLD - 300 V$
BOUGHT - 1,775 V$

TOTAL - 14,275 V$

Paycheck (x2 monday) 750 V$

TOTAL - 15,025 V$

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