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Some Updates for the "Taxi"

Got the Koni coilovers for V$ 600. Installed them on my apartment's garage. Better looking now !

Also picked some parts for the car.

- Bigger Turbo
- Backbox

All of this :

So i went to a friend's garage (he's a mechanic) and he helped me out welding a new straight pipe and the back box, also installing the FMIC and the Turbo.

As a MB Specialist, he tuned up my car

Amd after a couple of tests .. here's how it went ! lol

Money: V$ 17,600


- Coilovers: V$ 600

- Turbo and FMIC: V$500

- Pipes for FMIC and Exhaust: V$ 150

- Backbox: V$100

- Silicon Hoses for the FMIC - V$ 50

- Tune up and Install: V$ 300 (Lowcost service from a friend)

Total in V$ left: V$ 15,900