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Hello everyone. My name is Sam and i live in Portugal. Currently i have a job as a Graphic Designer, and at free time as a photographer !

Been looking for a daily car, so i found a good looking Mercedes W201 190D and i called the Owner to see the car, and we met at a local parking lot.

So i saw and test drived the W201 and it seemed all ok to me.

The details given to me about the car

- 1988 Mercedes W201 190D (2.0D Original) the previous and original engine was damaged so he swapped to a OM606 Engine (Mercedes 3.0 Turbo Diesel 24V) from a wrecked E300TD.

- 350k Km (car) and 175k Km (engine)

- Recently painted, Oil and filter change, etc !

Asking Price: 2500€ (V$ 2700)

Negociated the price with the owner and we got a deal for 2250€ (V$ 2400)



Cash: V$ 20,000

Expenses: V$ 2,400

Total: V$ 17,600

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