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#109396   2016-10-23 21:00          
Fabricating and installing

So Yesterday the day was fully dedicated to the altezza so by first i jacked her up and started the mess with my Tokico Coils and adjustable struts that i bought from a guy that never used they by 70% off the original price. Also replaced my brake lines and the fluid. After all that work i installed The TRD adjustable LSD that i bought togheter with the coils, to finalyze my fabricating stuff i got some pipes and after some cuts and welds an straight pipe ending at my HKS "4" muffler.

Drifting her for the first time

So at the same day that i installed and fabricated all that stuff i was so excited that went to an parking lot to se how she was going skids, And prepared myself for the touge.

So today i took her for an touge drive and ripped her without any mercy. these are the pics that my friend took when i was going sideways


Coils and LSD -V$2300
HKS Muffler -V$300
Brake lines and fluid -V$125
Pipes -V$25