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Alright... Today's the Day. I Tell you The story about the Mystery car...

A 1966 Nova SS II!!
Here's the Facts :

Vehicle name : Chevrolet Nova SS II
Year : 1966
Miles : 36k(engine)/144k(body)
Engine : 355 SBC
Transmission : 5 Speed Manual
Color (interior/exterior):Black/Mix-Matched
Condition : Lot’s of Rust, But Otherwise Immaculate
List of options/add-ons:
-Disk Brake Conversion (Brembo 278mm x4, 4 Piston x4)
-Upgraded Springs
-Rear 11” Slicks
-Open Headers
-499 HP @ 4000 RPM
-468 ft-Ilbs @ 5250 RPM
-Old Drag Car from the 80’s
-Sitting since 1993
-Bored .030 Over
-Stock Wheels for Front Runners
-Came with rear Stock wheels for Street use (60% Tread)
The guy Is in his 60's and he Raced the car in the Mid-Late 80's After he bought another car for his family after they Had a child. The Car has been Sitting since 93' After he was Diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Fortunately He was Considered Cancer-free in 95' And he Just never messed with the car since and left it sit in his garage.

There's obviously a lot missing, But I got the car at a really Cheap price and Couldn't pass it up for what it is!And Certainly not street legal in it's current form. But that'll be changed after awhile.