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# Jdm_Racer : Good luck with this S15 Hope isnt anything serious.

Thanks mate, the problem wasn't that seriouse :D

A while ago I bought a spare blacktop cilinder head from Marcus and it saved me, the problem was the sparkplugs and the instalation on my cilinder head so I just swapped cilinder heads and now its working finde :D

Also found Starkys old new camera that he left on a oil barrel in the garage where I work haha...

She drifts just perfect, and I won't do much more on it.
So so my last order contained Enkei 6666 18x10 Deep dish for the front which are out -18, and Enkei 6666 18x10 Extra deep dish in the back which are way out (forgot the numbers).

The rims and tires costed me V$1350 since both are used (on a ex drift car), took bride zeta II seats from the same ex drift car and traded my S15 seats whit giving V$150 for them.

Also got a home made straight pipe muffler that makes her scream a lot :3

Also some kid that was spectating on the track offered me to edit the photos of the S15, I accepted but told him not to overdo it on the rest just to focus on one. This is the result of his editing :

Press on photo

Role Play

Weekly Income : V$1125/w