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^ Thanks guys, and Doge, I am thinking to but now there is someone I want to introduce to you guys :D

Well I planed to visit doge, but on my was I saw a open garage whit a banged up AE86 Trueno, and decided to stop for a brake and check it out.

The car was owned by a 23 year old kid from Saitama perfecture that tried to learn to drift.Half a year ago he went to test his skills and thats when it happened.Befour entering a right corner he went left and started to initiate a drift when he hit a light post, bumped away from it and hit a wall whit the rear end

The owner was not interested in repairing it and told the shop owner if nobody comes to buy the car as it is in 6 months he can have it for free (the accident happened on 18th March this year).

The car has a 1.6l 4A-GE Blue Top N/A in it whit a /watch out for this/ open diff hahaha.....

Dunno in what condition the engine is I didn't tried to start it and dunno did the shop owner ever started it in the past 5 months.
So I decided to jump the gun and ask for the price, the car costed me just 57,000.00V¥ or around V$570.

Towed the car emediatly to my garage and now I am ready to go visit Doge :D

Total Cost : -V$650
Remaining : V$5600

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Weekly Income : V$1125/w