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Well I was pretty happy and excited for today since yestrday. Afther the dyno on the factory spec it showed that the engine lost only 5hp and whit only tweaking up the boost preassure just a little we reached the magical number, wait for it.....355HP at the wheels :D Yep you heared right (photos will be posted soon i will explain that later).

Well befour I say anything about today I will say this "You don't look for trouble, trouble finds you"
So today packed up and went for Osaka to meet Marcus and Ryan and pick up my spare blacktop cilinder head. I arrived 3h earlier in osaka cause I started 3h earlier then planned. So I decided to kill some time on the Osaka loop, and just afther I got on it a wild black 180SX Type X whitout plates and damaged front bumper closed on behind me.

He floored the throtle afther he see me enter the loop and though I would like to race him, just afther passing me he started to loose control over his car and bam hitted the center guard rail, then spun 180 degreas and hit the rail whit the rear end and stopped.

Thankfully the driver didn't got sevear damage only few scratches but thats all, and here to some irony, as he told me 10h befour he came to the loop, he finished the instalation of the Brembo GT brakes set (330mm brake discs, 6 pyston calipers all over- google it for more info). Well those brakes saved his life since he reduced his speed from 255km/h (~150mph) to 75km/h (~45mph) befour the impact.

The police arrived soon and thanks to a photo and testimony of a "eye whitnese" I will be in the police station for some interrogation.

And thats the reason for no photos of the dyno run, since the cops took me phone until they finish my interrogation and clear me of the charge for racing since I just entered the highway and that guy crashed.....Damn I hate this "At the wrong time at the wrong place" wish me luck not to go behind bars :(
Gonna call Marcus from the station to meet me there befour some touge runs

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