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Well there was a misscomunication between me and some GN guys but nvm it.

Now a little update :
Well if u belive in miracles then they happend, Doge used clean Desmond RegaMaster 17x8 (with some old fat tyres), but he removed the rims from the car for some reason and lost track of them. So when I bought the car from him it came whit 16x8 steelies, but got a phone call today that he found them and he even changed the tires to some really good 2nd hand tires whit quite some meat on them.

Well now what I need is to get new shocks,springs and brakes to finish the car. As I said the S15 is going to stay a daily so afther I do the dyno and see how much hp the engine actualy makes I will see to tune it to 350hp and keep it like that, since the car is not heavy a lot so 350HP will be enough for some Touge and track days.

Well there has bean one more mod that I had to do and that was to get the "SilviaRepublic" windshield banner that I managed to install. I made the shot of if just befour shuting the garage door down since I am exhausted from todays work so early bad time for me....

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