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So first day of work done. I am astonished to see the hospitality here, man I love Japan. These guys have a habbit to go for a non alcohol drink afther work, and afther we finished they invited me too.
We went to their favourite bar whit the car from Wataru Shiratori, he owes a 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V.

On the outside it looks pretty factory spec cause it is, meanwhile on the inside the engine has bean tunned to a stagoring 550HP, full suspenssion from a Lan-Evo X,HKS Stainless steel exhaust sistem whit a high pitch sound muffler.

Since I was busy on the work I got exhaust and don't have time to go look for the engine, I hope that Garage Nine will be able to help me since my only days off are Saturday and Sunday and every second Friday,so not enough time to go hunting.
Here is one more photo of the astonishing Lan-Evo V

Press on photo

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